Global Youth Work

Cyfanfyd’s global youth work project aims to ensure that global citizenship and sustainable development education form an integral part of youth work provision in Wales. Cyfanfyd works closely with partners such as the Council in Wales for Voluntary Youth Services (CWYVS) and The Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DCELLS) to promote global youth work or ESDGC in youth work.

We provide specialist support and advice to partner agencies to develop global youth work initiatives. We also develop and run global youth work training courses for practitioners and trainers Wales-wide. We advocate on behalf of global youth work practitioners, and lobby for resources and support amongst decision-makers.

Global Youth Work E-Network

Cyfanfyd co-ordinates a Global Youth Work E-Network for Wales which currently has over 300 members from both statutory and voluntary youth work sectors Wales-wide. The E-News is a regular bulletin with information about training, events, resources, activity ideas, funding opportunities and sharing of good practice and is available to all Global Youth Work Network members.

To join the Network contact

Global Youth Work ESDGC Toolkit

Cyfanfyd was awarded a contract by the Welsh Assembly Government’s ESDGC Panel in 2009 to produce a Toolkit for Youth Workers on how to engage young people in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC). View this comprehensive range of resources and support materials…

Common Understanding of ESDGC in Youth Work

This is an information document to aid delivery of ESDGC in the youth work sector. The approach within the ‘Common Understanding’ covers a range of ESDGC activity to support how the work may be embedded at all levels within the sector and provides a few practical suggestions for taking the work forward.

Global Youth Work – Good Practice Guide for Wales

youth work guide imageThe aim of this Guide is to provide a clear explanation of what global youth work is and how it fits with mainstream youth work in Wales. The Guide also aims to inspire and motivate readers by what is already happening throughout Wales, and aims to develop readers’ confidence to either begin to, or further develop their own global youth work practice.

This Guide is available to download. Download pdf (644kb)


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