A Fortnight of Fairtrade Fun!

Fairtrade fortnight began on the 27th of February and ran until the 11th of March. The event has, since it began in 1997, been an annual celebration of Fairtrade goods, raising awareness of trade inequalities and promoting their consumption over less ethical alternatives.

This year, the Fairtrade Fortnight website features an interactive timeline, with participants being invited to contribute the little steps they are taking to reduce the inequalities of international trade. Be it substituting unethical brands or poorly sourced goods, or raising awareness of unfair trade practises, petitioning a shop, restaurant, politician or university, the emphasis is very much on the collective impact of ‘little steps’.

The grass roots ethos of this approach is typical of previous Fairtrade Fortnights, which incorporated fetes, fashion shows and food tastings to spread the knowledge of Fairtrade brands as well as the political impetus behind them.

To see what went on, please visit: http://step.fairtrade.org.uk/

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